Friday, 29 April 2016

New yoga mat

I got a new yoga mat. It is a Jade mat, which is my favorite kind, and it is saffron yellow, which makes me happy. Getting back on the mat today was really something. It was a joy, and it was awkward in places and it was a relief. A special reunion, because it’s been a while.

In the past year I’ve been to some far-out places. I’ve been in New York, Los Angeles, San Ramon, Portland, Seattle, London, Sydney. I’ve been in a surgery room, and I’ve knelt at my Guru’s feet. I’ve sung in a recording studio, and I’ve been in a movers’ truck, about to send my stuff out to sea.

More recently I injured my back and as a result of this, I found out that my joints are hypermobile -- which means that like a lot of yogis, I can get into a fair few fancy poses, but not necessarily support myself that well in them. So these past few months I’ve been seeing an osteo and a physio and re-learning how to use some of my muscles. Over this time I haven’t been able to really practice physical yoga asana, besides little scraps here and there on my travel mat.

But now I am home, in the city I was born in. The window of possibility is wide open, it is spring, and I’m able to practice asana again.


I’m also feeling that after a period of not writing about yoga, while doing some deep learning in my own body, that can start happening again, too. And then -- core muscles engaged -- a return to my great joy, teaching.

Happy spring, you guys!