Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Love for your head

Today my yoga teacher friend Seth Lieberman showed me this lovely way to soothe a headache. Try winding an Iyengar-style Pune headwrap across your forehead and around your head to create some gentle pressure (wrap three times) then wind the bandage lightly over your eyes and ears a couple of times to quiet the senses. Then you might like to take Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) pose or just elevate your legs using a bolster. Take ten minutes here if you can, and then sit quietly for a bit before unwinding the wrap and making a peaceful reentry into your day. 💛

Amma's visit

The past few years I've gotten into the habit of taking a little selfie when I've got home from seeing my teacher Amma at her all-night Devi Bhava programme, and I'm about to go to bed in the middle of the day having had no sleep. I take them as a little way of catching just a bit of that feeling of, "Oh! We can feel like this! It feels good!" Like writing my name in the sand on a good day at the beach. So, here's this year's, and one more photo from the morning – right after we came out of Alexandra Palace into the beautiful soft rain. How lucky we are to be alive and loved. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Autumn Seasonal Attunements Newsletter

Welcome to Autumn! What a beautiful and special season it is. Autumn whispers its arrival softly at first with the cooling temperatures and first few leaves on the ground, and by the end of the season, we’re hopefully fully snuggled in and ready for the winter. The changing of seasons can be a little bumpy, however, as we move from the buoyant, outwards yang energy of spring and summer towards the quieter, more reflective yin energy of autumn and winter. The good news is that you can make the ride easier and sweeter by making some really simple tweaks in your lifestyle: what you’re eating, the kind of exercise you’re taking, and the way you’re resting and looking after yourself. Yoga, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine are here to help us attune to the seasons and make the most of them.