Tuesday, 10 January 2017

From space to grace

This is what popped into my mind while I was lying in Savasana after taking one of Jo Tastula's wonderful Yogaglo classes.

When we put space around something – whether it's something we desire or something we're frightened of or excited about – then we allow it to be whatever it actually is. And when we accept whatever is going on with tenderness and curiosity, then this quality of grace comes in. Grace, as I understand and feel it, is a sense of the rightness of things – of the universe knowing what we need and flowing it through our lives. We spend a lot of time in our modern lives trying to push, pull and manipulate our situations to be the way we want them to be, or the way we think they should be. Having direction and enthusiasm is great, but when we start wrestling or spinning grand narratives, it can all get a bit exhausting.

Space, when I'm able to find it, feels like a great big kiss from the Divine, or snuggling into clean sheets on the bed, or walking barefoot on the grass on a summer morning. It feels like freedom. You know what I mean? 
And the practice of yoga, on every level, supports this; finding space in your body, in your heart, in your mind.

*s * p * a * c * e *! 

Have a beautiful, peaceful day.

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