Wednesday, 15 March 2017


I found these beauties on the street this sunny afternoon and now I am offering them. Offering them to whom? To the divine. To the universe, the force of love and creation that runs through our veins and energetic channels as surely as it runs through the green grass. I really love the act of offering. It's like saying, "I get it -- I understand that nothing really belongs to me. And I am so grateful that I get to touch these things, or eat these things, or love these things. Thank you!" With the offering, I am humbly saying thank you. It's a nice way of not getting too attached to things, too. 

Sometimes I offer up something delicious I've just cooked. What tickles me about doing this is that quite often, part of me will be thinking, "But I'm hungry! I want all my dinner! What if I'm not full when I've finished, having given away the best bit?". And then I eat, enjoy, and by the time I remembered I offered up a little bit of it, I am completely full anyway. 

I notice that generous, kind hosts, when offered a gift of food by a guest, will offer the gift back to the guest before eating it themselves. I like this. Offer it back. See how much sweeter it gets.

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